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The latest Battlefield 3 dlc, Aftermath, isn't out on PC just yet but it hit Sony's console-box earlier today, so the launch trailer is at least somewhat justified (none of that launching a trailer before a game's actually released business going on here).

If you like your Battlefield shooty and full of bang-whizz then you'll be happy with the result (embedded below), if not, then I point you this way instead.

Ripped unceremoniously from the Battlefield Youtube channel.

Like I said up top, lots of shooty whizz-bang.

The new DLC brings with it for new maps, all set in earthquake-ruptured Iran. The focus of this pack appears to be on verticality and street-fighting, the cityscape provides many a sniper spot but also cover for infantry to move about, avoiding their scopes. It'll make a change from the previous two DLC packs - Close Quarters did as the title suggests and provided tight, infantry only maps; whereas Armored Kill brough vast expanses of open plain for vehicles to race over.

Aftermath is the penultimate DLC announced for DICE's shooter with just Endgame left, which is due out in March. It will have motorbikes.

Although out on Playstation, Aftermath will be available on PC come 4 December.

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