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Battlefield 3: Armored Kill trailer takes a fly through the Alborz Mountain map

After Mirror's Edge and Dear Esther we knew what DICE artists are capable of when it comes to striking landscapes, and that tradition is carried on by senior environment artist Andrew Hamilton in his work on the Alborz Mountain map. Check out a fly-through of the level below.

It's rare in Battlefield to have a quiet moment just to look around, but that video has made me now, more than ever, want a server all to myself to walk around and smell the roses, well snow.

The videos so far released for Armored Kill are conveying the variety in the maps, for instance in the fly-through above there's placid lakes all the way up to snow-capped mountain tops, which certainly gives the sense that maps must be vast enough to accommodate all that change. However, it's not till we sitting atop a wee ATV and scooting about between mortar shells and jet missiles that we're really going to have a grasp of what DICE have accomplished.

Bring on September 11th.

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