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It’s now possible to get the mighty Battlefield 3 for just shy of a tenner, straight from the horse’s digital store. But you’re going to need to do as we do and block out everything else, because to do so requires navigating a number-jungle of misdirection and dissuasion.

Visit this page, but ignore the really quite reasonable advertised price of £39.99 for Premium Edition. Ignore, too, the separate listed price for Battlefield’s Premium DLC, also £39.99. So far, so nonsensical.

Instead, scroll right down to the bottom, where you’ll find the base game for £9.99. For the Premium DLC on top of that, you’ll need to boldly tick its box, marked with the advertised price of £39.99, and be rewarded with a much nicer £18.01.

Which is a fantastic offer. The sort to be shouted about.

Does anybody else get the feeling that Origin’s pulling against its own deals with every fibre of its code?

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