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Never a multinational corporation to stand on ceremony, DICE have already greenlit their second attack on the evenings and weekends of first-person shooter sympathisers - just a week after their first assault crashed down upon the heads and hard drives of PC gamers (and in many cases continued to crash for some time afterward - but that’s another story). In what political commentators have described as an increasingly tenuous metaphor, they’ve pledged to launch four warheads at paying fans - each with a familiar name painted onto its side.

The Second Assault DLC was first pondered in June, but now it's a dead cert. Battlefield 3’s Caspian Border, Operation Metro, Gulf of Oman and Operation Firestorm will all make a reappearance in their sequel, DICE announced at a UK tournament on Saturday. Each map will be reworked to account for its new context - perhaps growing a newly collapsible mast here, or an imploding Parisian cafe there*.

DICE write that these four are among “the most fan-favorite maps” from Battlefield 3, and have been redesigned to “take advantage of our advanced Frostbite 3 engine” and “new multiplayer features”.

We know precisely when it won’t be out on PC - November 22, when its exclusive relationship with the Xbox One begins. Timed map pack releases like these typically last about a month, however.

Speaking as a Battlefield fan, are any of these four your favourites? Should any be ousted in favour of another, in your opinion?

*There is nothing that can’t be improved with shades of Broken Sword.

Cheers, IncGamers.

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