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CS:GO update

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive isn’t updated like other eSports. While the likes of League of Legends and StarCraft 2 spend weeks testing every small change, CS:GO’s come out of the blue. While Dota 2 will reinvent itself every three months, CS:GO’s changes are so subtle you might not even notice them logging in from day to day. To help facilitate you in noticing this, we’re going to track the latest updates to the game in this post. Each time Valve upgrades the game, we’ll let you know what’s worth worrying about, what isn’t, and provide as full a changelog as able.

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The latest Counter-Strike: Global Offensive update was on January 13. Here are the official patch notes from Valve, plus some additions.

CS:GO Eleague Major update

  • Team stickers, stickers autographed by professional CS:GO players, and all-new team graffiti are available for purchase in-game and from the Steam Community Market, with 50% of the proceeds going to players and organizations. For more details, visit http://www.counter-strike.net/pickem/atlanta2017
  • Team stickers can be used as game pieces for the Atlanta 2017 Team Pick’Em Challenge.
    • Group stage picks can be made immediately, Playoff picks can be made when the group stage has completed.
    • Group stage picks lock at the start of the group stage matches.
    • Playoff picks lock at the start of the first Playoff matches.

Full details on the Atlanta 2017 Team Pick'Em over on the official site. You can win a fancy emblem to show off if you predict enough.

CS:GO Sound changes

  • Lowered volume of bullet-bys and bullet impacts.
  • Changed default weapon near/far crossfade max distance so that a slight perceived volume bump doesn’t happen at crossfade junctions.
  • Also lowered volume of distant weapons slightly to address the same issue.
  • Slightly increased the min distance of the falloff so that 3rd parties can hear max volume at about 1m away from shooter.
  • Increased the input curve amount so that rate of volume decay over distance is more pronounced.
  • Added descriptions to many mixer groups.

CS:GO Gameplay changes

  • Players killed during grenade-throwing animation will no longer drop a duplicate grenade if that grenade has already been thrown.
  • func_breakables will no longer make noise when hits deal no damage.
  • Added a server setting sv_steamauth_enforce to allow tournament organizers for LAN events to delay player kick due to No Steam Logon client issue until the end of a live round when tournament match will automatically pause and a round backup with all correct information will be saved for reconnect.

CS:GO Map changes


  • Fixed various spots where C4 could get stuck
  • Removed some slight gaps in cover in Bombsite A


  • Fixed bug where jumping inside of Toxic in Bombsite B would clip the playermodel through the ceiling
  • Removed vent-sound from top of Mini, Bombsite A


  • Fixed sound-spam when shooting at vent in Checkers through a prop
  • Clipping improvements
  • Optimisations


  • Fixed some minor graphical bugs
  • Fixed a spot where players could get stuck near Boiler, Bombsite A
  • Added backfaces to gate used at bottom of Banana, Bombsite B

Usual Reddit there over here, along with a bunch of rumours about the contents of the Mega Bundle. The patch itself is 625MB.

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xNuke avatar0V3RKILL avatarstanscut avatarHideous Mutant Freek avatarLolssi avatarBraveToaster avatar+3
0V3RKILL Avatar
7 Months ago

I wish I liked this game as much as I like BF2. cause it is soooo popular. But I just cant get into it I don't know why. Something about it

stanscut Avatar
7 Months ago

I played over 400 hours of CSGO and I have to say the Devs are doing nearly nothing compared to the immense attention their game gets. It must be the same phenomenon when thousands of flies sit on a pile of shit they draw in the attention of more flies

BraveToaster Avatar
6 Months ago

What do you even want them to do, besides get better servers for competitive

Towlie Avatar
Towlie(21 days 22 hours played)
1 Day ago

Bad graphics, ruined sounds and toxic community?

Hideous Mutant Freek Avatar
Hideous Mutant Freek(57 days 12 hours played)
7 Months ago

Shame all the shotguns except the mag-7 sound exactly the same and possibly even use the same file for their sounds. Also they do not sound like shotguns at all.

Lolssi Avatar
6 Months ago

Best? Not even best CS...

xNuke Avatar
xNuke(29 days 11 hours played)
7 Months ago

Bloody idiotic. Another cash-grab from Volvo.

The exclusiveness of the pins is no more....

samuel.blck Avatar
samuel.blck(3 hours played)
3 Months ago

I threw up in my mouth at the title, CS:GO is trash and needs to be put down like the dog it is. low system requirements not a good game doth make.

Cowpancakes Avatar
Cowpancakes(24 days 1 hour played)
3 Months ago

Well, why do you say that, I have spent a great deal of time on other fps games, and i find CS:GO the most fun. Battlefield was never my favourite, however I did play Black ops 2, and 3 and enjoyed both a lot, even though i am better at the 2, and am bad at CS:GO i enjoy it more. It is a harder game with a steep learning curve and demands team play, while the other 2 do not. I have no intention of hating other games i would just like to ask why you like others/dislike this one.