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Blizzard have detailed their upcoming plan to eventually release details of how they will finally describe the as yet unrevealed changes being made to Diablo 3 in patch 1.0.4. It's sort of a patch notes preview preview, a broad overview of a forward look at the next stage in development. Gosh, they do know how to tease us, don't they?

Chief among the changes mentioned by Bashiok in the post on Blizzard's forums are improvements to Legendary Items (they're getting stronger) and the way Magic Find works (it's being nerfed). Unmentioned are the suspected upcoming changes to the Auction House.

The patch will be previewed across no fewer than five separate developer blogs, soon to be published on the Diablo 3 site. From Bashiok's post:

  • "System Changes, by Wyatt Cheng - Senior Technical Game Designer Wyatt Cheng is preparing a high-level summary of some of the system changes planned for 1.0.4." 
  • "Legendary Item Improvements, by Andrew Chambers - Senior Game Designer Andrew Chambers is working on a blog detailing all the ways we’re making Legendary items stand out." 
  • "Magic Find Update, by Jay Wilson - Following up on earlier discussions, Game Director Jay Wilson will be providing an update on how Magic Find is evolving in patch 1.0.4." 
  • "Class Changes, by Wyatt Cheng - Wyatt will also be providing a preview of the changes we’ll be making for each class in 1.0.4 (and the philosophy behind those changes)." 
  • "Patch Notes, by Lylirra - Of course, this is all building up to the actual patch 1.0.4 release, and we’ll be releasing the full patch notes shortly before the update goes live." 

A nice little bundle of words on the way then, tumbling straight from the brains of Blizzard's finest. Also promised are more interviews and developer live chat sessions as the patch approaches. You can read the ensuing chaos in the forum thread right here.

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