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Diablo 3’s upcoming 1.0.5 patch isn’t about PvP - in fact, according to messrs Cheng and Wilson, we’re unlikely to see a full PvP update before the end of this year - but it has introduced a host of promising assets into the game’s client; pre-echos of a future fought in new arenas, and of trades made using dedicated PvP tokens.

The good dataminers of Diablo Fans have delved deep into the game’s client, and uncovered reams of PvP-related strings.

The strings feature repeated reference to PvP tokens - a new currency to be rewarded in PvP deathmatch. Victories in PvP will bring gold, experience, and tokens. Tokens can be exchanged for items via a vendor NPC, named Gryffith the Warmaster, found at New Tristram’s Slaughtered Calf Inn. He looks something like this:-

Little else is known about Gryffith, but Blizzard’s description in the game client would have him seem rather a one-note fellow:-

“PVPVendorDescript  - Spend tokens to get fat loots! Spend tokens to get fat loots! Spend tokens to get fat loots! Spend tokens to get fat loots! Spend tokens to get fat loots! Spend tokens to get fat loots! Spend tokens to get fat loots! Spend tokens to get fat loots!”

The strings also list player titles, earned through PvP - namely ‘Scout’, ‘Grunt’, ‘Sergeant’, ‘Senior Sergeant’, ‘First Sergeant’, and ‘Stone Guard’ - and name five PvP arenas - ‘The Fetid Pools’, ‘Pit of the Condemned’, ‘Bastion’s Forge’, ‘Altar of Courage’, and ‘Leroic’s Garden’, the latter of which can be seen in the series of murky images gleaned by Diablo Fans below.

Amid the jumble of numbers and underscores that makes up the rest, there’s confirmation of some of the scant detail we’ve had on PvP from Blizzard themselves: the standard length for matches appears to be 10 minutes, and team deathmatch will take the form of four-versus-four arena showdowns.

The real news, though, is those tokens. One currency too many, or welcome metagame?

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