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Consumer rights groups in no fewer than two countries are currently taking aim at Diablo 3. First, Germany is threatening legal action if Blizzard don't update the game's packaging to emphasise its always-online requirement. Meanwhile South Korea is fining Blizzard around £4,500 for failing to appropriately refund Korean customers following its extensive launch problems. Not a wonderful day for Blizzard, then.

The threat of a lawsuit in Germany comes from their consumer rights group, the Federation of Consumer Organisations, who've given Blizzard until July 27 to respond to their demand that Diablo 3's packaging more clearly state its always-online requirement. Should Blizzard fail to respond, reports PCGames.de, the group will pursue legal action through the courts.

South Korea aren't messing around with any deadlines though, slapping Blizzard with a fairly piddling £4,500 fine that seems more of a token sabre-rattle that any sort of genuine financial penalty. The fine, reported by MMO Culture, follows months of fraught negotiations between the publisher and South Korean consumer rights groups, which have involved Blizzard's Seoul office being raided and, subsequently, refunds being offered to South Korean players who found themselves affected by Error 37.

Blizzard, who now officially cannot catch a break, even had to hastily hotfix an invincible wizard exploit earlier today. It's like spinning plates, this games publishing lark.

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