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Size is impressive. Don’t deny it. You’re impressed by the size of this hot dog and you’re daunted by the scale of this shoe. Gabe Newell understands this. So when he wants to startle people with the popularity of video games at the moment he tells them what happens when Valve update Dota 2.

“When we do a new update for something like Dota 2, nearest we can tell, we’re generating 2-3% of the worldwide and LAN-based IP traffic.”

Newell stated the numbers at LinuxCon earlier today while discussing how cheap it’s become for developers to serve their consumers. The cost of having someone play their game has fallen beneath the cost of their activities among the game’s community. If you’re posting screenshots and videos of Dota then you’re more of a cost than someone who plays the game.

Also during LinuxCon, Newell revealed that next week Valve will be releasing information about their Linux-based hardware.

He also made the case that it the PCs open architecture that means, despite falling PC sales, the market is growing at a huge rate.

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Shriven's picture

I demand that this info be independently verified twice before I allow my jaw to hit the floor.

Julian Benson's picture

Hope you don't bruise your jaw :) http://www.game-debate.com/news/?news=4197

subedii's picture

I do recall someone over at slashdot running the math based off of some rough numbers from (Cisco?), and it generally did seem to add up.

Here's a bigger jaw bruiser: LoL is larger in player numbers.

Not to turn this into another tired DOTA v LOL argument (frankly, I have my own serious doubts about Riot saying that they've got 5 Million simultaneous), but it makes you wonder just how much internet traffic is taken up when _they_ do an update as well.


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