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Greevils are back again

Few days ago Dota 2 offical site had announced a new mode for Holiday Season named as Frostivus. And now Frostivus is cancelled but Greevilings will be replacing it. Dota 2 Offical website had announced a new mode few days ago named as Frostivus but soon after the announcement of the new mode the presents reserved for Frostivus were stolen and hence now Frostivus mode is cancelled. Greevilings will be replacing Frostivus now and the Greevils which were hatched during the Diretide mode will now be used in the Greeviling mode. Even if you could not hatch a Greevil during the Diretide mode no worries as you can buy the egg from the Dota 2 store and hatch Greevils from it. An offical Video of the Greevil mode has also been released which confirms the cancellation of Frostivus and the arrival of Greeviling mode.

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