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The International 2013 - Solo Championship Coverage

Image courtesy of Valve

Eight players from all over the professional Dota 2 scene have been chosen to duke it out in The International 2013 Solo Championship. Over the past few months, the public have voted on who they want to see using the Interactive Compendiums. This isn’t like your average game of Dota 2: it’s a one versus one in mid lane, first to two kills or two towers wins. Don’t let that fool you however, it will still be an action packed event.


Here’s how the championship works:

  • Eight player, One vs One tournament
  • Best of three series
  • Single elimination
  • The game is won when a player has 2 hero kills or 2 tower kills
  • Coin toss decides side, then alternates
  • Each player starts with a courier

In every match both players pick two of their favourite heroes, a first and a second choice. Shadow Fiend is always used as a third if needed, a notoriously good mid hero. As long as there are four different picks, the first choice is used for games one and two. If there are duplicate picks, the ones that aren’t the same are used instead. Every game is a mirror match, meaning that each player plays the exact same hero.

Here’s what’s allowed:

  • Allowed:Runes and Bottle Crowing
  • Upgrading Courier

And not allowed:

  • Jungling
  • Major creep blocks/reroutes (like Fissure)
  • Soul Ring

Now that you’ve hopefully got that wrapped around your head, lets get onto the good stuff. We’ll be covering a match from each round. Kicking off with round one is none other than Na’Vi’s Dendi and Mouz’s FATA on the next page.

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icheyne's picture

Good stuff. (You swapped what's allowed and disallowed.)

Nick Wilson's picture

That's my subconcious at it again. Thanks for the heads up, I've amended the section. I was thinking to myself how runes make it unfair because it adds an element of randomness to the 1v1 duel.


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