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While the Elder Scrolls Online may be coming to consoles, they won’t be enjoying the multiplatform love in that we PC players will. According to the game’s Twitter account the server tech underlying the game “will allow PC/Mac players to play together”, while “Xbox One & PS4 players will have distinct megaservers”.

Don’t you wish all these different megacorporations could just get along so that we could tear each other apart in games?

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I don't know how many armor and weapon combinations are in this game, but I hope for x20 more than Skyrim and previeous games. and maybe special bonuses for mixing armor, instead of bonuses for a complete armor set. And maybe a special trigger from switching weapons for quick actions. Like from archery to greatsword. Hot-keys (Y,G, or V) ??? I know that this string is for something else but I wanna get this out there.


I like this. As a console gamer firstly - PS3 specifically - it's clear that there's some differences (generally speaking) between platforms and who plays online there. For example; we all know that the Xbox 360 attracts the dumbest, loudest brodudes. So if you want to play Elder Scrolls Online with misogynist, racist, Mountain Dew suckers, play on XBone. PC players are easily the most hardcore - a lot of people seem to have headsets and actually communicate a lot online. Their experience is probably going to be most immersive. PS3 players are super quiet and generally polite; I've had people communicate more online in PS3 games with shooting or honking horns on vehicles (to get other players to look at stuff) than actually typing anything or saying anything with headsets.


The experiences are going to be different. Might as well keep the platforms separate then. If, in a few years, it turns out that the differences are negligible, they can always merge the servers together, right? But it's good to keep 'em separate and see what happens on each platform.


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