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At the time of writing, it looks like Dragonborn is the closest thing Skyrim’s going to get to a full, 15 lb expansion pack. No $5 crackling this; the next chunk of DLC will include new Shouts and spells, new weapon and armour types, new enemy types, and of course the new realm itself - Solstheim.

Solstheim is an island just off Skyrim where you’ll melt in a multicultural pot alongside the natives, the Nordic Skaal, and Dark Elven settlers from Raven Rock. There you’ll be tasked with investigating the mystery return of a long dead Dragonborn, the Dragon Priest. He’s a bad egg, and you’ll need new shouts and spells to take him down.

Luckily that’s precisely what Bethesda have in mind - new spells like Dragon Aspect, a buff which involves summoning the inner power of a dragon to deliver “colossal blows” and strengthen your shouts.

Elsewhere Solstheim offers Bonemold and Chitin armour types, and new dungeons filled with with unpleasant names like ‘Ash Spawn’ and ‘Riekling’.

Bethesda say we’ll also be able to discover new Daedric powers via books of forbidden knowledge, and “choose new paths for your skills and abilities”. Whether that will constitute a skill reset or, dare we shout it, a new level cap remains to be seen.

Predominantly brown screenshots sourced from the official site reside below. What do you think of them?

When you're done with those, check out ol’ Nutcrackerface in motion in the Dragonborn trailer.

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