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A week ago, an Eve spy disbanded a major alliance from the inside and made off with up to 400 billion ISK. Meticulous planning, months of deception and the advice of GoonSwarm’s finest espionage experts all contributed to what seemed like the crime of the century.

Well, here’s another. On Sunday night, a spy embedded within Pandemic Legion led a fleet of supercarriers into an ambush in Odamia space. A 309 billion ISK Revenant, one of only three in existence, was destroyed so quickly that it made alliance figurehead Jeffraider “kind of giddy”.

Pandemic Legion were responding to what they thought was a player pinging for help. But the man they’d tasked with leading their fleet, Bandwidthh - a man who’d gained their trust after numerous successful operations over the course of several months - instead led them to a much larger, waiting fleet of Black Legion dreadnaughts and supercarriers. 

The ambush saw representatives from corps including Black Legion, Urine Alliance and Bandwidthh’s spymasters Verge of Collapse sticking the boot in, destroying the Revenant and nine other supercarriers.

“There is no reason for me to explain things of why/when/how,” said Bandwidthh in a message to Pandemic. “It was very much a spur of the moment thing. I never joined as a spy, this or that. Just ended up evolving into today towards the end.”

Here’s what Pandemic Legion’s comms sounded like in the immediate aftermath. I’d recommend the first part for the exchange that emerges between the “giddy” Jeffraider and his furious commander, Graff, and sixteen minutes in for the moment of realisation. Be warned that the language is consistently blue and in places offensive:

Jeff: “No need to totally be super dupe mad. Everyone who lost a ship, I’m sure they feel pretty bad about it. Let’s just go play Chivalry or something. How about that.”

Graff: “Motherfucker, Jeff.”

Jeff: “Sorry, but I’m just not that mad about it. It’s kind of fucked to say and it’s wrong, but I feel kind of giddy ‘cos we just lost the most money in supers that’s ever been lost in the game forever... Don’t be mad, at least be giddy ‘cos you lost a lot of shit fucking quickly. Is that about 50 bil a minute that we lost? ‘Cos that’s really fucking good. Isn’t that nice?”

Graff: “I fucking hate you, asshole.”

Jeff: “We should keep going and see how many titans we can lose in ten minutes, because there’s records to be broken.”

In the event Pandemic didn’t go back for more, but they’d already got the attention of CCP.

“That's a lot of billions of ISK to lose,” the developers tweeted. “Somewhere [fictional in-game messiah] Sansha himself is shedding a tear.”

Thanks to The Mittani and the Eve subreddit.

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And is here the reason why i would rather just play its PS3 FPS counterpart DUST 514 cause its free and that type of disaster would not have happened.

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