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This year marked the 10th anniversary of everyone’s favourite persistent, single-shard, space MMO, EVE Online. To commemorate this event CCP are releasing an extensive collector’s edition, which comes with its own board game and an intriguing mystery code.

We knew all of that already, what we now have is a video that goes into the history of CCP’s beginnings and goes some way to explain why they selected what they did to include in the collector’s edition.

EVE’s posterity is an impressive thing in itself, few games ever make it into their 10th year. Fewer still increase their subscriber base year on year. So it’s a little fascinating to see a company in a position to look back at the early moments on the game which made them what they are today. Going from a tiny studio to one staffed by hundreds of individuals working across multiple countries and making games for multiple platforms.

I’m not much of an EVE player (yet) but I can’t help but be tempted to pick up a copy of this special edition. Particularly with the inclusion of that mystery code (a unique code which will crop up over the next 10 years, allowing those with on in their position to access exclusive content).

The full contents can be broken down like so:

  • Golden pod - so now you can die in style

  • Bloodlines costumes

  • Blueprint for a special battlecruiser

  • An Amarr Frigate

  • Amarr templar drop suits - these are permanent items so you don’t need to worry about losing them in battle

  • Three unique amarr weapons

  • 10 year anniversary performance CD (not the only way this will be able to be bought)

  • A Rifter model which doubles as a USB hub (sockets hidden in the thrusters)

  • Into the Second Decade book, written by Richie Shoemaker

  • Copy of a newly translated English version of Hættuspil - all the devs stand in for the game’s art

  • Mystery code - unique code which will apply to things released over the next decade


You can pick up a copy of the collector’s edition here.


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