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Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon trailer says goodbye to LA, hello to cyborg sword-fighting

If you’ve read the premise for Blood Dragon, it’s likely your brain initiated automatic HAHAHAH protocol long before you reached the bit about a “rogue cyborg army”. If not, and if one of your remaining questions about the game before its May 1 release is, “Precisely how does a cyborg army go rogue?”, you’re in luck.

Also in the new Far Cry trailer: one of those moments where, in the moment of their demise at the hands of an action hero more capable than they’d anticipated, a metal villain exclaims: “IMPOSSIBLE.” Enjoy:


The whole exquisitely choreographed shebang is the work of former film industry VFX experts and current YouTube kings Corridor Digital, in association with Ubisoft. See the below for details on how to build your own “post-apocalyptic arcade mansion”:

Oh, hang on, I don’t think I caught that. How precisely does a cyborg army go rogue, again?

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