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Ubisoft have unveiled their plans for upcoming patches for Far Cry 3 and they are going to be a massive help for any custom mappers. They will also add a new difficulty setting for singleplayer campaigns, as well as the option to reset all the pirate-controlled outposts. It's quite a nifty bundle of features, all told.

Check them out in full below.

Here's a summary of the new features, for a more detailed explanation you can read Ubisoft's forum post.

  • Ability to Reset outposts - once you capture all the outposts an option appears in the game menu allowing you to return them to the pirates.
  • Master difficulty setting - brings "more aggressive wildlife, tougher pirates, and more deadly privateers".
  • Feedback on user-created maps - players can now tag maps with things to improve.
  • Beta map testing and spectating for map makers - a new beta testing playlist matches players with new maps hopefully meaning there will be more playable matches on custom maps (it's currently a little empty out there).
  • Find other maps by the same author
  • Removing idle kick time in custom matches
  • "Skip map" voting system

They may seem like minor features but all the ones for the custom maps are really quite essential. At the moment getting a game going on a custom map is just ridiculously hard, there are too few players testing maps to actually fill out a team.

Ubisoft didn't provide a date for the next update or state which features would appear in each patch. So at the moment we're left swaying in the breeze on this one.

You could fill the time between now and the release of the update making maps. Learn how with our handy guide.

Cheers, Shack News.

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This is all great. Thanks a lot Ubi Soft. But when are you going to add dinosaurs to Far Cry 3!?!


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