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Quite a lot of people have decided to play Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

I say decided, because Square Enix have only announced the number of registrations to date for their revamped, redeemed MMO across the PC and PS3. All of those players might have moved on after 30 days and nights of free trial, like uncommitted Jesus Christs. Or drifted off to sleep lullabasking in the game’s gorgeous main theme, trapped in a sonic net of synthesised narcolepsy.

Nonetheless, the fact remains: 1.5 million people had every intention of playing Final Fantasy XIV, and Square Enix are dead pleased about it.

The game launched two months ago, and the figures cover registrations in North America, Europe, Japan and other PAL territories.

There’s a fair bit happening over in that realm reborn. This week, the World Transfer Service will go live and allow players to switch their characters over to other servers. In December, Square Enix will cut open a whole bag of new stuff in patch 2.1, including a PvP battle arena, new dungeons and player housing. And then on February 22, the PlayStation 4 beta will begin.

That last bit’s of relevance to us as Final Fantasy has managed something quite special: it’s synced its PlayStation and PC worlds so that we can all play together and forget our deep-set differences. So we can expect an influx of new players to slay and trade with early next year.

That’s nice, isn’t it?

Thanks, Eurogamer.

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Shriven's picture

Gave it a go. Its very very pretty and does things rather well. But i'm not in a MMO mood right now. If I was, id happily resub.


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