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Miles Jacobson.

An entry has appeared in the Steam database that confirms that Football Manager 2014 is on its way, ending absolutely no speculation about the future of the enormously successful management series. We can also confirm that the world is still spinning and we expect the sun to rise tomorrow morning, though the celestial body was not available for comment.

Last year, Steam became the only way to connect to Football Manager, a decision that Sports Interactive’s Miles Jacobson said turned out to be “a very good idea,” adding that “if we hadn’t done it there would’ve been certain features that’ve gone into the game this year that wouldn’t have been possible.”

Those features included Steam matchmaking integration, bringing Football Manager’s multiplayer oft-neglected multiplayer into the spotlight, as well as worldwide leaderboards. When we interviewed Jacobson last summer, he also mentioned that he might see possibilities with Steam Workshop, licenses permitting.

The Steam database entry was posted on March 1 and states that the game will be released for both Windows and Mac, even though Jacobson has expressed a dislike for Windows 8. After Gabe Newell called Windows 8 a “catastrophe,” Jacobson told Eurogamer that “Gabe might have seen the internal email that I sent here.”

He’s also been known to be a fan of the mundane announcement himself. During last year’s E3, when Microsoft and Nintendo made the unsurprising announcement that their consoles could be controlled by touchscreen devices, he tweeted to say that “I can confirm that FM13 will be controllable fully via a keyboard & mouse and viewable on a monitor, laptop screen or TV.”

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