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Guild Wars

Guild Wars 2's April Feature Pack will improve the quality of life in Tyria

The curse is winning: physical version of Dark Souls 2 delayed for a week in the UK

Who cares about Facebook? 25,000 second-generation Oculus Rifts sold

We've got 5000 Wildstar beta codes and are done trying to stack them into a huge number pyramid. Update: EU only

Pitch perfect: here's some match footage from Blood Bowl 2

Why Oculus founder Palmer Luckey believes VR will kill off the TV


Embrace the Chaos: X-Com creator Julian Gollop on independence and the trouble with Ubisoft

Why X-COM creator Julian Gollop left handheld gaming behind and came back to the PC

Anti-insurgent detergent: Soap MacTavish to return in Call of Duty: Ghosts, somehow

The Elder Scrolls Online fansite creates a trading system because ZeniMax Online won't

Get your nanomachine fix while you still can: Crysis and Crysis 2 multiplayer shutting down

Oculus Rift officially a big deal: David Attenborough's making a nature documentary for it


Civilization goes Beyond Earth, but not back to Alpha Centauri

Subnautica screenshots rise up out of the depths

World of Darkness MMO gets a stake driven through its heart

Open season: Sir, You Are Being Hunted hits v1.0 on May 1st

A cheeky bug has been building invisible walls in Battlefield 4 - and we've only just noticed

Here's Watch Dogs running on an Ultra spec PC - and the hardware you'll need to do the same

Elder Scrolls

The Elder Scrolls Online review in progress

Titanfall plagued by load time problems post-patch, proclaim pilots

League of Legends pro fined over "one of the highest harassment scores" in LCS history

Half-Life speedrun record smashed, video evidence is nauseating

Caffeine is a beautiful thing, both in your cup and on your screen

DLC Fall: Titanfall Expedition map pack coming in May