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The sole piece of concept art that dripped dreadfully from the ceiling of Creative Assembly’s ichorous development nest and into the public eye three days ago isn’t so isolated anymore; four screenshots have joined its horrible swim about the yoke of our optic pool.

This is Sega’s *cough*teenth attempt at doing right by Ridley Scott’s song of solitude. And this time, it looks like they’ve handed it to the right people.

See that? Exactly. No aliens. That’s a good sign. I don’t want to be seeing an Alien of any kind for the first 40 minutes at least of Creative Assembly’s new shooter-thing.

And note the creamy-grey chunkiness of the computer setup in the last image there. This looks like sci-fi as it was in the ‘70s - the starkness of white on black; the coupling of too-little-info to the terrible unknown.

Kotaku reported in October that Alien: Isolation would release next year, and task the player with both hunting and evading enemies in a stealth-shooter that took more from BioShock and Dishonored than James Cameron and Colonial Marines.

The protagonist was rumoured to be Amanda Ripley, Ellen’s daughter, stranded in a single space station run through by holes a shoehorn-headed alien might hide in. Brr.

What do you reckon to these snaps of it, then?

Thanks, Eurogamer.

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Shriven's picture

Thank fuck for that.

That screenshot was all I needed.

Dog Pants's picture

Well it looks pretty, but there's not a lot else to be said. I agree about the lack of aliens though. I remember playing Aliens Vs Predator 2, where you didn't see an alien for about the first three levels. At every corner you were expecting them so come out of the walls and all hell to break loose, and they dragged that tension out perfectly. At one point a pipe breaks free of the ceiling and uncoils in front of you with a hiss of steam, looking just like an alien tail. I watched a mate play that bit and he literally jumped six inches off the seat.

Actually I do have one thing to say about the screenshots. If it was in line with Alien then that magazine would be porn, as per the one Ash tries to choke Ripley with in the film.


Let's talk about Thief's anti-open world

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