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Wintersday, as the anthropologists among you will know, is the ancient Tyrian festival of joy - a multi-week holiday in defiance of the long, dark nights, celebrated by every race in its own way. All of their children share a love of toys, though, and their adults a fondness for classic Victorian snowmen. Though the customs are strange and foreign, they seem strangely familiar - as if the tropes of Wintersday were somehow in every one of us.

Anyway. Asuran Toymaker Tixx - expert craftsman, terrible salesman - is touring every major city in Tyria in his massive airship toy workshop, before halting in Lion’s Arch to become its Wintersday guest of honour. You’ll want to ensure that your celebrations coincide with his.

The Black Lion Trading Company will be on hand throughout with new gem-bought items, including treasure chests, festive town clothes and weapons skins. What’s more, Tixx’s airship will double as an instanced map for 5 players.

If Guild Wars history has taught us anything, it’s that some heavily-armed Scrooge will inevitably take a hatchet to Wintersday and the skulls of those trying to enjoy it. If I didn’t know better, I’d predict that you might just be called upon to defend those toys with your life. Will you heed that call?

Here’s the Wintersday schedule in full, courtesy of ArenaNet:

December 14th

Winter Wonderland
It’ll take more than a good pair of snow boots to get you through this Wintersday’s jumping puzzle. Speak to the Festive Youth near the snow globe in Lion’s Arch to test your luck—and your balance.

Snowball Mayhem
If you’ve got holiday spirit and a good throwing arm, visit the Festive Lionguard near the Lion’s Arch snow globe to try out the new snowball fight PvP activity!

Bell Choir
Ring in the season with this new musical activity inside the Lion’s Arch snow globe, accessed through the Bell Maestro. It doesn’t matter if you have rhythm—Wintersday is all about harmony.

December 15th (10:00AM PST / 7:00PM CET)

The Grove
The Toymaker’s first stop of the season is on the home soil of the sylvari. Inside the airship, you’ll meet Tixx and his somewhat unstable golem Toxx and experience a series of unique new events that feature a brand-new toy. What magical marvel has Tixx created for the sylvari?

December 16th (10:00AM PST / 7:00PM CET)

Divinity’s Reach
Tixx’s airship floats above the spires of the Krytan capital on the second stage of his Wintersday tour. Board Tixx’s floating workshop and play brand-new events based on the fancy new toy he’s made just for the noble humans.

December 17th (10:00AM PST / 7:00PM CET)

Black Citadel
Even the charr love Wintersday in their own ferocious way. The Wondrous Workshop of Toymaker Tixx hovers in the smoky skies over the Black Citadel for one day only. Climb aboard to see what kind of toy Tixx and his Funwerks Krewe have crafted for the charr.

December 18th (10:00AM PST / 7:00PM CET)

The norn welcome the toymaker’s airship for its brief visit to the great lodge of Hoelbrak. What toy is cute and tough enough to endure the hearty norn? Enter Tixx’s workshop and find out!

December 19th (10:00AM PST / 7:00PM CET)

Rata Sum
Tixx returns to his home turf on the penultimate stop of his Wintersday tour. This year he’s created a unique toy that only an asura could love. Board his floating workshop for more toy-centric events and holiday havoc!

December 20th - January 3rd (10:00AM PST / 7:00PM CET)

Lion’s Arch
Toymaker Tixx finally arrives at Lion’s Arch! As the Wintersday guest of honor, Tixx and his workshop will remain in Lion’s Arch for the rest of the holiday. He has a special Wintersday gift for everyone who visits him while he’s in Lion’s Arch. So, stop by, play through all the previous toy events inside the workshop, or try out the new Toypocalypse event!

The toys in Tixx’s workshop have gone haywire! They’re trying to take over the gigantic toymaking machine in the center of the workshop, and if they succeed, Wintersday will be ruined! Defend Tixx’s present-delivering dolyaks and the gigantic toy-making machine from waves of maniacal toys in these challenging and fun events.

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