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With five days to go till the end of its Kickstarter campaign and still yet to raise of its target funds, Gas Powered Games' Wildman is in dire straits.

However, there is some good news from studio head Chris Taylor who is saying that “[w]e’ve gotten a lot of phone calls from people who are interested in publishing Wildman." But that funding, which Taylor is saying may be as much as $3 million, is contingent on them meeting their $1.1 million target.

More below.

The news came out from an RPS interview with Taylor at this year's DICE conference. Taylor says that while the campaign has been struggling they've "gotten a lot of phone calls from people who are interested in publishing Wildman.” Gas Powered's take on combining real-time strategy with role playing mechanics all wrapped up in a Dota-like game has sparked the big-wallets' interest. 

However, "they would love to see us raise the money on Kickstarter, and then they’ll take us the rest of the way," said Taylor. If they see Gas Powered raise the funds for the core game themselves, proving they have an audience for the game, then they'll "have $2 or $3 million, at least" added to the pot by a publisher. Giving Gas Powered "an opportunity here to actually make a much bigger and better game if the fans vote yes in the first place.”

It must be cutting to have such a fund within reach but just needing to raise the support from the Kickstarter audience. If you've not yet read Rob's fantastic feature on the struggling Kickstarter then you really should. It really gets across the struggle of keeping an independent studio solvent, even one which is ridiculously well respected and responsible for some of the industry's defining games.

If you're interested in backing Wildman then head on over to the project page.

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