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Despite being far and away the lead of the charity draw for the 8th tournament slot in this year's Evo 2013, My Little Pony: Fighting is Magic is being pulled from the running. Instead it will feature in the indie game tournaments and, should Fighting is Magic still hold the top spot and the end of the donation drive, the second highest game will go on to win.

More below.

I wrote last week of how the 8th tournament of the Evo 2013 contest was going to be selected by a donation drive. Ten different games were in the running and the community which donated the most money to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation would see their game headline the event. Among the contestants was indie fighting game, MLP: Fighting is Magic, a volunteer-made fighting game rendition of the My Little Pony television series Friendship is Magic.

According to the Evo organisers, Fighting is Magic "is in a unique situation.  The game has no official release date, and it’s not clear if the game will be ready in time for players to get up to speed in time for Evo 2013." So they're "removing FiM from the running for the 8th Evo game.  If FiM finishes with the most money donated, we will take the game with the second highest donations as the 8th Evo game."

However, it's not all bad. Should Fighting is Magic win then there will be a separate tournament held as part of the indie showcase. It just won't be headlining on the main stage.

To see just how much money the fans have ponied up (yes!) check this out:

  1. MLP, Fighting is Magic: $3,519.50
  2. Super Smash Bros. Melee: $1,404.32
  3. Skullgirls: $814.22
  4. Guilty Gear XX, Accent Core Plus : $767.90
  5. Soul Calibur V: $387.41
  6. Divekick: $343.95
  7. Dead or Alive 5: $202.69
  8. Blazblue: $200.00
  9. Virtua Fighter 5: $191.00
  10. Super Smash Bros. Brawl: $155.00

Mane, those other fighting games hoof to do better than that if they want to win, even by a nose.

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