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Introversion are steaming ahead with the development of their management sim, Prison Architect: last week they added a new fog of war system that blanked out parts of the prison that weren't under observation by guards or CCTV. Though in a response to feedback about the new system, which, in a video update, lead designer Chris Delay recognises makes placing objects "like you're doing keyhole surgery", Introversion have released a new version of the system, which removes the problem but still keeps all the functionality of the original release. Taking just over a week to develop it.

Check out the video detailing the updated system below:

From Introversion's Youtube channel:

I've not played Prison Architect since the first alpha version, though it was glorious then, so I can't comment on how the newer system plays, but it's a canny solution to the problem. Although, I like Delay's original approach; by having unobservered areas appear as the building's rooftop it was as though you, as warden, are literally looking down from a bird's eye view, with the limitations of your perspective being absolved by viewing you prison through the guards eyes. This new system loses something of that positioning, by giving you godlike x-ray eyes, but solves the core problem, so it's a good thing overall.

Delay breaks down the complete changes to the system on the game's blog:
= Fog-of-war overhaul in response to community feedback 
    - Areas hidden by fog-of-war are now rendered in darkened greyscale instead the solid roof effect 
    - Walls, floors and Static objects under fog-of-war remain visible but greyed out. 
    - Guards and Cctv now have a longer view range 
    - The Chief has a long view range 
    - Workmen, Cooks and Doctors have a short view range 

If you're liking the look of the above video but aren't yet in the alpha, have a read over Phill's preview and if you like what you read you can still buy into the alpha over here.

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