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With the recent slew of god game projects like Godus and Maia, the lack of an embodied deity has been noticeable. Noticeable to you, noticeable to me, and (most pertinent to the rest of this news post) noticeable to Abbey Games. They're changing that with Reus, a god game in which you control elemental titans, using them to physically shape the earth, shelter your populace and cultivate life.

Delightful videos below.

Rock Paper Shotgun spotted Reus earlier today and it's too good a game prospect not to post about it.

Firstly, have a look at what the game looks like:

Now, Reus sets out to differ from other god games in a fundamental way. It's not about winning, or at least, it's not about making your civilization the biggest and strongest, bigger and stronger than all the other villages on their planet. "The idea of Reus is that you have to keep progress in balance, but extreme methods are totally ok if you can perform them correctly". It seems from that you don't control a single nation, you instead are charged with maintaining the populous of the planet which is separated into different tribes that can fall into conflict with one another. 

If you're similarly taken with the aesthetic, Abbey Games were inspired by this short film:

The last post from Abbey Games was in November, they'd just shown the game off to the public at Indigo a Dutch film festival. So it sounds as if development is pootling along but there's no release date set.

Fun fact: Reus is the Dutch for Giant

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