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Knock Knock

Knock Knock.
Who's there?
Knock Knock.
No no, you’re supposed to say who you are. Nevermind, I’ll just open the door and ARRGGGGHH!!!

If you’re not a fan of unsettlingly creepy video games, we suggest you click on a different story. Within is contained highly volatile nightmare fuel. 

Knock Knock is a little indie horror game that has just been released on Steam today. Sharing a little in common with Don’t Starve, Knock Knock is about trying to survive the night locked away in a cabin in the woods. Fending off ghouls and demons - known as the Visitors - you’ll have to keep your blood count and sanity in tact until sunrise. With it’s unusual graphical style and goosebump-prompting sound design, that seems a pretty impossible task. 

Developer Ice-pick Lodge certainly seems to have had a sickeningly gleeful time making Knock Knock, even the synopsis on the Steam page is filled with riddles, barely giving away the sinister plot. The chilling read is further backed up by that nightmarish trailer. Yet beneath it all, provided you can keep your cool, appears to be a smart puzzler/survival horror. Supposedly to succeed you need to watch and listen carefully; to inspect and scrutinize. Quite how that’s possible to do when the mere trailer has my teeth on edge is beyond me. If you think you can hack it though, it’s available on Steam at 10% off until October 11th.

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