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Hopefully death isn't too painful, as you're likely to run into it quite a bit.

While you might be trying to avoid character death in most of the games that you play, in Soulfinity it's going to be very, very necessary for you to die at certain points, and even for you to be the person who sacrifices yourself so that you can get things done. You see, I'm not just speaking metaphorically when I say that self-sacrifice is going to be your route to success.

Soulfinity is a third-person action and puzzle game in which your character's death creates a copy of their soul, a copy that will carry out the actions that you performed before you bit the dust. As you might imagine, there's all sorts of puzzle-solving potential here as you create a pre-programmed double of yourself, and the opportunity to really overheat your brain.

Why does your own death create a copy of your soul? Well, you're Odysseus fighting the Titans, of course, but in the year 2394. What does that look like? It looks something like this:

Soulfinity is the work of Dojo Arcade, an indie team made up of students from the University of Glamorgan who won the university's Future Entrepreneur's Award (and here they are being featured by on BBC TV!). It's due for release later this year.

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