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Space Hulk has turned heavily-armoured heads as both a faithful adaptation of the venerable Games Workshop board game and a doomy variant on the new XCOM formula laid down by Firaxis last year. If you thought the odds were stacked against you on Earth, you ought to see the state of the Sin of Damnation.

And you can see it now, for yourself. ‘Cos Space Hulk’s out on PC and Mac.

The below launch trailer plots out the premise of the 15 mission single player campaign, and evokes memories of the original, ancient first-person Space Hulk game. As developers Full Control note, this is the first Space Hulk videogame in 17 years:

“As a studio that specializes in turn based combat, securing and remaking the Space Hulk franchise has been a dream come true, but one that has come with many responsibilities,” said Full Control’s Thomas Lund, mindful of the cost of great power. “[It is] completely faithful to the classic claustrophobic board game experience and players will need to use their minds as well as their muscle to defeat the Genestealers and progress through the dark labyrinth of the Space Hulk.”

Our Rob's read a lot of 40k novels. He played Space Hulk at GDC. He really liked it.

The game unlocked last night on Steam at 6pm UK time. Have you had a chance to get to know it yet? To walk among its grids and fire off a few tentative bolter rounds?

Thanks, RPS.

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Dog Pants's picture

This would have to be something pretty special to warrant the £23 price tag. If they've deviated from the board game for a more XCOM style of gameplay then it could be good, and 15 missions could just stretch it to cover the cost (more so if there's multiplayer co-op). If it's a faithful rendition of the board game then I'll be waiting for it to hit 50% off on Steam. I thought the board game was the weakest of Games Workshop's line - very high difficulty, lack of variety, and no progression gave it a fairly low replay value. However, if they have made a direct conversion and it sells well I'm hoping it paves the way for the other, better, 'specialist' games, such as Necromunda or Battlefleet Gothic.

Tim Edwards's picture

I'm playing it at the minute, and to be honest I'm a little bit disappointed. Unfortunately it really struggles to stand against something like XCom.


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