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Brighton is a beautiful place. The seafront manages to avoid most of the typical British beach tackiness, and the lanes are just full of fabulous little hidden retail gems. Also vicious, bloodthirsty aliens, if you happen to Will, star of Will to Survive, a new RPG vying for your cash on Kickstarter. 

Set and produced in Brighton by indie developer Alex Dawson, Will to Survive is described as “a Tamagotchi sitting down for a picnic with Project Zomboid and X-Com.” That digital pet comparison comes from the fact that Will to Survive is real-time in the most extreme way possible: even when you quit the game, the game keeps running. Before you leave, you have to lock Will up in a safehouse and stock him up with enough food, water and ammunition to last him the duration that you’ll be away. You can also barricade the windows and set up automated turrets for extra protection. 

If having the game permanently progressing wasn’t stressful enough, Will to Survive has perma-death, so one simple mistake could force the game to restart, and you might not even be there to witness it. Staying alive in the alien-occupied south-east will certainly be all about solid planning. 

The game will support cross platform play across all the desktop OS’ (Windows, Mac, Linux) and every mobile platform you could imagine. So should you be worried about how Will is getting on and have a few minutes free during your bus ride, you can check if he’s still alive on your mobile phone.

Developer Alex previously worked for Zoe Mode so has a bit of development history under his belt, but this will be his first project solo. If you’d like to help him out, head over to the Kickstarter campaign page and contribute towards the £20,000 he needs to make Will to Survive a reality. Whilst you're at it, you might as well back it on Steam Greenlight. The Kickstarter ends on Friday 30th August. 

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