Epigenesis gains single player and new map

What’s in the box? Schrodinger’s Cat and a randomly generating platformer

The Trial of Battlefield 4

L4D dev: when given the choice “PC gamers pick a sniper rifle, console players pick up a chainsaw.”

In a wide-ranging interview at E3 with Chet Faliszek at E3, we had a little discussion about the differences between PC and console gamers - an important topic given the forthcoming launch of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. He had some fun facts to share regarding the difference between PC and console gamers.

It turns out that, in the real world, console and PC gamers make many of the same decision. “Experience wise, mutation wise, what they wanted to play was the same across all platforms. But if they had to choose between a sniper rifle and a chainsaw, the PC players would choose a sniper rifle and the 360 players would choose a chainsaw.”

Why? It’s a question of input: the mouse and keyboard versus the joypad, or as Chet puts it, “the fidelity of movement of the input device.”

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The Trial of Battlefield 4

Epigenesis gains single player and new map

What’s in the box? Schrodinger’s Cat and a randomly generating platformer

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