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League of Legends Riot Games Jinx

If you like harassing folk then you should take a long hard look at yourself and your life choices. If, however, you like to harass folk in League of Legends then you are fine by me and may be interested in learning about Jinx. She’s the next champion to be released for the ridiculously popular MOBA and she looks like she’ll play a treat.

Jinx’s passive ability, Get Excited, gives her a speed buff after every champion kill or assist. It only lasts a few seconds but it’s a massive boost allowing her to chase down other champions or make an escape. It’s a capricious ability, though, if her target doesn’t die soon after she deals damage then her passive doesn’t trigger. All the more reason to aim for the last hits. 

She’s also kitted out with two weapons that can be swapped between at will. Pow-Pow’s an area of effect rocket launcher and Fishbones is a minigun. Her bullets build up a speed buff. Everything about Jinx is about gaining speed. 

Zap’s a slowing attack that deals high damage. Jinx has to charge it before firing and once she begins the ability other players are able to see the trajectory the shot will take, allowing them to dodge it. 

Flame Chompers are a grenades that either explode after a few seconds or when a champion steps on them. If a champion activates a chomper then they’re held in place briefly. Unfortunately for Jinx, champions can only set off one chomper each. 

Jinx’s ultimate, Super Mega Death Rocket, can be fired the entire length of the map as it only detonates when it hits an enemy champion. It gains speed and damage the further it travels, too. 

Looking at her abilities. Jinx looks like an excellent harasser. 

You can read the specifics of her abilities on her Wiki page.

There’s still no release date for Jinx but she should be coming in a soon to be released patch.

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Looks like a similar playstyle to Lucian, except she hits harder, moves faster, and has some cc.

Relentless Roxas's picture

Is it just me or does Jinx's abilities seem a bit easy and lacking any real big...I don't know...BANG? Don't get me wrong I feel like Jinx will be a very fun and versatile ADC but it seems like you would just max her Q and her R and then nothing else.

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