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Mechwarrior Online Piranha Games

Piranha may be asking a bit much with their latest sell in the free-to-play Mechwarrior Online. The new prestige item is a set of gold plated mechs. Eight of them are on sale and they’ll set you back $500 each.

That’s a lot of money for a mech skin.

The gold plated mechs went on sale with the Clan Collection. The collection is a set of mechs which are due for release by 17 June 2014. 

The new mechs are:

  • Warhawk

  • Timberwolf (AKA the Mad Cat)

  • Stormcrow

  • Adder

  • Dire Wolf

  • Summoner

  • Nova

  • Kit Fox

Unfortunately, Piranha aren’t letting you simply buy the individual mechs you want. Instead, they’re offering a variety of packs which include different bundles of the mechs. These bundles range from $30 to $240. The cheaper bundles include the least popular mechs so you have to spend a lot of money to get the famous mechs like the Warhawk and Timberwolf.

Except for the gold plated machines, that is. Those specialised mechs are on sale separately.

So, if you wanted every clan mech and all its variants you would need to spend $240 for the top tier bundle and a further $4,000 to get each of the gold plated editions.

You’re not just buying the mech skin, though. You also get a unique bonus module. The module’s being kept secret for now but if it’s anything too good then it would give those with a larger wallet an advantage over poorer players.

The response on the MWO forums has been less than enthusiastic:

“My mind is torn asunder,” writes Lt XKalibur. “On one hand I see some of the greatest representations of clan mechs I've ever seen (timber wolf, summoner, adder and uller are to die for), but on the other hand no wallet can repel a price tag of that magnitude! On one hand I want this game to succeed, but where's the content I keep hearing about? I've seen glimpses of UI 2.0, I know that to be real, but where is my CW [Community Warfare]?”

“The thing is, gold plated mechs,” complains Wintersdark. “.. Its... Its the first truely indefensible thing they've done. I mean, really, could it have it any more crass? Gold plated? Really PGI? Really?”

Hopefully we’ll see a few big updates to the game between now and the mechs’ release in June. The game’s hit its full release but it’s still lacking features like the whispered about Community Warfare. If Piranha continue pushing out new mech variants instead of developing the game then they may find their audience moves elsewhere. That would be a great shame because the game of Mechwarrior Online’s core is excellent fun.

Update: Due to me being uninformed and silly I originally called 'Community Warfare' 'Clan Wars', mixing up a promised feature of Mechwarrior Online for part of Battletech's lore. I also said the Timberwolf was a variant of a Mad Cat. In fact, they're both names for the same mech.

Cheers to those who pointed this out to me in the comments.

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The game is a smoking piece of shit with a broken UI and no community warfare even on the horizon. This is just their latest attempt to milk Battletech fan nostalgia before the PGI employees show up to work one day to find the doors padlocked.

Avoid this game like the plague.

phobia_one's picture

PGI has time and time again failed to produce any new features, or content except for a couple new maps, and a bunch of new Mechs. They have not produced the new UI2.0, nor Community Warfare (not Clan Wars), nor have they fixed bugs that have been around since Closed Beta over a year ago. PGI has no clue what they are doing when it comes to the CryEngine, and they haven't hired anyone that does. The community has been patiently waiting for something other than the same grindy game we've had for the past year. We have had enough! PGI either needs to step up, and produce something NOW, or they need to step aside, and let a real DEV team step up to make the game we all have waited for for years!

greenkenobi's picture

Wow, you completely ruined your credibility here. CW doesn't stand for "clan wars" it stands for "Community Warfare". It does not require the clans from battletech lore to be present at all. The Inner Sphere houses are good at fighting each other all by themselves.

Community Warfare is THE biggest and most frequent request over the entire life of mwo to this day. We want an in game lobby so we can choose who we fight and on what level. We'd like a reason to keep playing. Right now the only part of the game that exists is the grind, but what are we grinding for? Well CW is supposed to bring a fun and purpose to the grind.

By the way, the timber wolf is not a variant of the mad cat, it IS the mad cat. The clan name for that mech is the timber wolf, but because no one in the inner sphere had ever seen it before, they didn't know what it was. Actually the term mad cat comes from a targeting computer error. The computer couldn't tell if the mech was a marauder (MAD) or a catapult (CAT) and kept switching between the two designations. That's where the term mad cat comes from. Variants in mechwarrior are versions of the same mech but with different hard points and equipment loadouts.

Do your research properly next time please.

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If those mistakes hadn't been made though we wouldn't have been regaled with the circumstances under which the Timber Wolf got its Inner Sphere designation, which is a genuinely interesting little lore snippet.


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