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Warning, Christmas overload imminent.

Wherever you are this holiday season, and whatever the weather might be, you can always celebrate a traditional Christmas inside Minecraft. While the vanilla version of the game already offers you the chance to enjoy snowy forests of pine trees and snug log cabins well-stocked with cake, you can get seriously festive with these two mods. Prepare to turn the dial all the way up to Christmas.

The Minecraft Christmas Festivities Mod

The Festivities Mod adds a whole new world to Minecraft, a land of snow drifts and candy cane known as the Kringle. Giant sticks of candy tower above you, while candy cane trees can be harvested for tiny sticks of candy, which are also dropped by the candy creepers. And now I've typed the word "candy" so much that I'm getting a sugar rush.

There are all sorts of custom items to enjoy in this Christmassy land, including baubles that can be dyed according to your taste (blue is obviously the best colour), snowflakes, hot chocolate, ice bricks that you can use to make sculptures and fireplaces that, thank heavens, won't actually burn your house down. Unlike the hungry fires that you'd usually light using flint and steel, flames won't spontaneously spread from these and so they're safe to install in your living room. Safety standards coming to Minecraft, eh? How about that?

Here's a video showing off some these features:

If you want to grab the Christmas Festivities Mod, you can download it here and there's a list of recipes available here. Don't forget to make lots of fairy lights.


If you fancy hanging stockings out for Santa and putting a star on top of a tree, then ChristmasCraft is the mod that will make this happen. While it shares a few similar features with the Festivities Mod, such as special seasonal creepers and sackfuls of candy, it has a host of other unique additions. There's Endermen who leave present blocks laying around, gingerbread biscuits waiting to be baked and special Christmas fruitcake. You can also hang wreaths on your door and stockings on your mantlepiece.

If you fancy getting into the spirit of giving, then you can also wrap your own presents using string and paper and then place them in a stocking. That's a pretty fantastic feature, if you ask me.

Here's a video of ChristmasCraft in action. Present-wrapping begins at about 7:00:

ChristmasCraft is just waiting for you to download it here. You will need Minecraft Forge running too, which you can find the latest version of here.

Oh, and you need some recipes? The best place to go would be the official thread on the Minecraft forum.

Enjoy the mods and let me take this opportunity to say happy holidays to all of you, however you choose to celebrate. Hooray!

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