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Mojang have released their latest version of Minecraft, one which is free to all owners of the credit card-sized computer, the Raspberry Pi. This special edition was first announced during last year's Minecon and it is designed to be a more open and programmable version of the immensely popular sandbox game, released with the intent of encouraging new programmers to play with the game's code and learn more about how it all works.

While Mojang didn't announce a specific release date, TechCrunch are reporting that the game would have arrived sooner had it not been for difficulties encountered while porting the game over to the limited abilities of the Raspberry Pi.

The blog post announcing the game's release is short and sweet. It simply announced the game's release with a link to where you can download it and resources detailing more about where and how you can buy the $35 computer that will run this free edition of Minecraft.

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