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After putting their noses to the grindstone yesterday, Minecraft developers Mojang have released their first new development snapshot in quite some time. It introduces the new, long-awaited horses and the first publicly released version of the game's new launcher.

The horses added are based upon those made by modder John Olarte, who created the popular Mo' Creatures mod, and those horses are joined by hay bales, leashes and... carpets? There's also a small change to the respiration enhancement, which now makes it easier for you to see underwater.

You can try the new snapshot by heading to Mojang's blog here and downloading the .exe file. Usually, installing a snapshot involves grabbing a new .jar file and performing a tiny bit of wizardy, but because this snapshot also trials the new launcher, you'll instead be running that separate .exe file. That's much simpler.

Oh, and I should add that, from Minecraft 1.6, Mojang say they'll be moving to using new version of both Java and OpenGL, versions 6 and 2.0 respectively.

Happy, horsey Friday!

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