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Charlie Brooker’s changed. First his hair, miraculously transformed from a head-hugging rug to a beautifully blown barnett that suggests he’s scalped Stephen Fry. And now his discourse. Formerly PC Zone’s reviewer-most-likely-to-cite-poo, age and happiness seems to have altered his mood such that he now feels like celebrating things.

Tomorrow, he’s celebrating videogames. All of ‘em, from start to finish - where finish is about now, not the heat death of the universe. Towards the latter end, we’ll get to watch heads talk about Minecraft. In fact, here’s some of them now.

In order of appearance, here’s neon shoot ‘em up specialist and minor league legend Jeff Minter, Consolevania critic Rab Florence, Guardian games blog man Keith Stuart, and Father Ted writer / Twitter monarch Graham Linehan.

I know the mutterings of disembodied, laughing TV skulls can become blithe and boring as we near Christmas, but this isn’t that:

How Video Games Changed The World will run for two hours on Channel 4 tomorrow from 9pm, and incorporate the various opinions of Jonathan Ross, Dara O'Briain, Will Wright and John Romero. But mostly Charlie’s, natch.

“From Atari to Angry Birds,” write Channel 4, “How Video Games Changed the World explores how interactive entertainment evolved from a penny arcade diversion into a medium that some believe is art, and shows how it is changing the way we work, communicate and, of course, play.”

It’ll be followed by the first-ever screening of Indie Game: The Movie on British TV, which is lovely.

Real talk: has Minecraft changed anything about your world for the better, dear reader?

Thanks, CVG. Edit: And Shriven, readiest of all PCGN readers, who picked up on this an entire day earlier. I'll be relinquishing the sceptre of newsdom to him first thing on Monday.

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"Thanks CVG"?

You Mean,

Thanks Shriven for posting this on the forums 24hours before I made the article!

Honestly I dont care, im just a bit tense while my girlfriend is away..

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Haha. Jeremy fails.

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I Hope I havn't upset him :S

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As a 7000 Series newsbot, I cannot cry. Tears have been known to inhibit typing in earlier models.


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