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Can you dig it? (Yes.)

Something has happened to me. I've gone wrong. Just last week I was a bit too excited about news that I'll be able to dye all my Minecraft armour and colour my own shoes. Shoes! Now I'm even more excited because the game will now feature carrots. And potatoes. And baked potatoes.

Click on the picture to read the rest of this article and see if I'm still excited.


It would appear that I am still excited.

All these vegetables are going to be included in the forthcoming 1.4 patch, but if you're really impatient you can get your teeth into them right now, as they're included in the latest snapshot, which also features (among other things) cobblestone walls, buttons you can shoot at, and corner stairs. If you want to try all this out now, read our guide on how to test the latest Minecraft snapshots ahead of release, but be aware that it's work in progress, and...

Forget it. Shoes! What're you waiting for?!

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