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With over 6 million players shooting out over 110 billion bullets, PlanetSide 2 has done pretty well out of 2013. To celebrate, Sony Online Entertainment joined forces with cinematic designer Robert Stoneman to put together a flashy, frenetic video showing off the chaos of the war that rages across Auraxis. And there's also a guy standing on a tank's gun. There's always a guy standing on a tank's gun. 

If you stick around to the end, you'll spot SOE teasing what's coming up for PlanetSide this year, including the delayed Hossin continent and the first battle island, the alpine battlefield of Nexus. 

2014 should be an interesting 12 months for PlanetSide 2 players. The new premium model, SOE subscription changes, a brand-spanking new continent to slaughter in and the new battle islands are sure to make this a busy year, whether you're an e-sports fanatic or a casual mercenary. 

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Hossin's the only interesting part of that for me, although I remember seeing good (if less interesting) things on the roadmap. Being neither an e-sports player nor a subscriber. It's a long term plan though from what I gather, set out up to something like 2022.

Hossin, incidentally, is a great idea. To someone who doesn't play Planetside 2 it probably just looks like a new map, but it addresses a few problems some people have with the other maps. Esamir (the snow one) is very open and vehicle friendly, causing frustration for some infantry players. Indar (the desert one) is more infantry orientated because of all the ravines, but these tend to focus things into meat grinders. Amerish (the grassy one) is somewhere inbetween but is mainly notable for being the option for those who don't like the lanes which dictate what you can capture on other maps. Hossin (the swamp one) will provide enough restrictions to vehicles that they aren't as effective while remaining fairly open for infantry. So I expect to see some fairly spectacular massed infantry battles.


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