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Wheeee, fizz-BANG. Bloody hell, that was a bit close. That chap’s going to lose an arm. Oh, hi there! You’ve caught me enjoying a cheeky mid-afternoon mind’s eye display. You wouldn’t believe the sort of jerrywhirls and boomwheels careering across my eyelids right now. As you might imagine, I’m delighted to hear that SOE are incorporating some fireworks of their own into Planetside 2, triggered via their favourite medium - the common or garden gun.

A sneak peek over at Twitch reveals the colourful results of the jumped-up flare gun, which appear to fire off in at an angle proportional to the surface its rockets land on.

At least three different varieties of whiney explosions destined for a future update are shown off in the Youtube showcases below, all of which light up their environs quite spectacularly:

I cannot confirm the effects of fireworks on fleshy players, but would posit that they're not good. Tell me that wasn’t what you were thinking about?

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