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Mobile apps that tie into games have a tendency to be pants. Or, at least, very much an afterthought, only providing you with stats or server updates, things which don’t allow you to affect the game while away from your computer. Much of the Planetside 2 app is all of that guff but one very good feature is the ability to voice chat with your outfit.

Yup, SOE have essentially given you the batphone.

Called the PlanetSide 2 Mobile Uplink (because Planetside 2 app would have been too pragmatic), the software is completely free and works across iOS and Android devices. As well as allowing you to ring your outfit to mobilise your team of hardy soldiery folk, the app gives you links to all of Planetside 2’s community sites and social channels, such as YouTube, Twitch streams and forums (as if you didn’t already have them all bookmarked on your phone, or have their URLs seared into your memory?).

There’s also the guff which I referred to up top a guide to the game’s weapons, vehicles, classes, etc; a news ticker; a character profile page where you can keep an eye on your stats; and leaderboards.

The app is out now and available in all good app stores.

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