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Planetside 2’s Player Studio is set to allow players to create their own cosmetic items for the game: helmets, decals, camo patterns, cockpit decals, hood ornaments are all things that can be created and submitted for approval.

Planetside 2’s creative director Matt Higby couldn’t be more excited for the system. He explains how “50 dudes all getting customised because [they] have a badass artist in [their] outfit [...] enhances the teamplay, enhances the community, enhances the game.”

Higby spoke with Destructoid about the Player Studio in a recent video interview:

“When you see people in Planetside playing the game in their existing player communities, in their outfit, with 50 dudes all getting customised because [they] have a badass artist in [their] outfit that created [their] helmet, that created [their] gear that allowed [them] to look like specially customised badasses... that just enhances the teamplay, enhances the community, enhances the game," Higby said. 

If the system truly supports that sort of creation, that's awesome. If we were to get a PCGamesN outfit going and I could kit us all out in stylised hot pink 'N's, I'd do it in a heartbeat.

Valve really pushed this style of community involvement into the fore. Their Steam workshop for Team Fortress 2 and Dota 2 has shown that allowing a community to design for the game’s they play can be profitable for both the designers and the game developers. It’s excellent to see SOE embrace it in such a way.

Details on how you can start submitting gear can be found here.

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