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Rhianna Pratchett won't be writing Mirror's Edge reboot

Rhianna Pratchett, original Mirror's Edge and Tomb Raider scribe, won't be working on DICE's reboot of the series. Pratchett was responding to questions on Twitter about the game when she revealed that she wouldn't be involved. The original's story - although told in an interesting world - was not very strong, something Pratchett recognises, and explains was due to the script being hacked to pieces.

It's a shame, though, as she's a talented writer and breathed new life into Lara Croft, transforming the tomb raiding aristocrat from a tired male masturbatory fantasy into a well-rounded, compelling protagonist. I would have loved to see what she could have done for this new Mirror's Edge, but alas it was not meant to be.

Pratchett also revealed that one of the limitations she had to deal with was a bewildering decision to remove all of Faith's level dialogue, no doubt hampering how much she could develop the character.

She did, however, write a 6-part prequel for DC Comics, if you fancy seeing her take on the world absent the constraints of games writing. 

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Gwathdring's picture

Writing was not the game's strong point. It was competent, but unremarkable. That's not a slam, by the by--plenty of games are not even competently told. In Mirror's Edge the writing did it's job and wasn't distractingly out of place or awkward. Tomb Raider was ... better, but not quite remarkable. It was hard to tell how much of a role the writing played in creating some of the issues I had with the tone and pacing of the game, but it was more than competent and I quite enjoyed the game even if it never quite elevated itself out of it's pulpy (if grim-facedly so) genre. The game took itself very seriously but never quite earned my trust enough for me to read much of interest into that serious take nor did it have the charm of Indiana Jones to break up it's horror and grim adventure.

I really, really, liked the game. Don't get me wrong. I'm just sort of feeling out how I felt about the writing specifically. Short version is that I'm not going to miss Pratchett but I'm not one of those who would be leaving snarky anti-Pratchett messages should she have been announced as the writer either.

Fraser Brown's picture

I know pulpy is meant to be a pejorative, but I quite like a bit of trashiness with my fiction. I agree that there was a bit of a strange dissonance between the supernatural silliness and the grim, desperate seriousness of Tomb Raider, but I think that was only natural in the first game of the rebooted franchise.

A very solid attempt was made to stay true to the entertaining, popcorn munching qualities of the original series, while also making it stand out and feel like a new start, but there were bound to be a few hiccups.

I confess that I forgive Tomb Raider for a lot of its issues just because I really liked what Pratchett did with Lara. It never felt like she was writing a "strong female character", rather she crafted a good character whose gender was simply part of the whole rather than her defining feature or the driving force behind the game. And that makes me okay with some of the weaker elements of the game, because it does one thing really, really well. Though I think that overall it's still a tremendously fun title.

Matt Purslow's picture

This. It's that genuine humanity that Pratchett gave to Lara that led me to slap my GOTY badge on Tomb Raider.

Sax's picture

Thank the heavens. At least one obstacle out of the way for a good Mirror's Edge 2.


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