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The Rift free weekend approacheth; new player welcome, old players welcome-er

This weekend sees Rift crack open a bottle of free play for all players. Though it's a canny means to convert the fence-sitters and the lapsists.

Read on to learn why.

So, why is a free weekend of Rift more a target for old players than new? Well Rift already has Rift lite as a tool of drawing in the madding crowd. It allows you to play all the way up to level 20 before asking you to reach for your wallet, or at least requiring you to.

No, this free weekend is aimed more at lapsed subscribers - it's the equivalent of going to one of your friends who only recently gave up crack and saying "Smell my finger" having loaded the digit with drugs. 

It's also a cunning tactic to get the people who have abused Rift lite. Who have played up to level 20 and then never made the switch to the full version. Instead they've kept playing in their PvE zones and formed their own community there. This free weekend means they are able to pop past level 20, and once the weekend ends their characters can't be used again, at least not in Rift lite.

Cunning, Trion Worlds. Very cunning.

The free weekend is from the 14th - 16th, so, in layman's terms, tomorrow till Sunday. You can get the Rift client from here.

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