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Rift: Storm Legion's release is closing in and we've learned of the Minecraft-like home building and its two vast new continents, now details of its four new souls (read: classes) have reached our ears. Though, rather than bullet point listing all the details of the game, Trion have written short stories of each new soul. Given it that old oral history, campfire tale approach.

Rift's Storm Legion expansion adds four new souls with which to expand your hero: the Defiler, a sort of quasi-priest warlock; the Harbinger, a summoner with powerful melee attacks; the Tempest, a warrior who's half human half lightning bolt; and the Tactician, a group healing rogue.

Trion have released short descriptions of each new soul, a little on each of their strengths and weaknesses, and then a short story about the history of the souls. For instance, the Defiler's begins:

"Caretaker Wright disliked calling on the healer, feared her tower, and hated the flesh-bound sign swinging over its door: QILIANESCANEVEREX. Once used in hushed reverence, the people of Necropolis had abandoned the name in favor of "hag," "defiler," or simply "Qil." Wright sighed while unfurling a scroll. To think they'd once been close....

"Inside, Qil was juicing organs for soup."

Compelling stuff.

I can't help it, I admire the humble bullet point. It's developed as a form which is:

  • structured
  • succinct
  • pleasing to the minimalist aesthete

You can learn about the new souls here.

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