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In the wake of Maxis’ call for discussion on officially-sanctioned alterations for SimCity, modders have begun testing the waters. The Central Train Station is the work of a Sim City 4 veteran, and would seem to confirm the viability of custom model conversions for the work-in-progress city sim.

“I'm very proud to release the first true custom building model; a Central Train Station loosely based on a design I created for SimCity 4 back in the day,” wrote oppie85 on the SimCity Reddit.

“This is a proof-of-concept for the idea that we can eventually create custom models of similar quality to the ones we made for SimCity 4. Frankly this one still has a few rough edges, but consider that it's only the first - as I improve the process of creating buildings further they can only become more detailed and more impressive.”

As a wholesale replacement for the Maxis-designed train station, oppie85’s work has been subject to its limitations. The lot size is as it was, though the new model slightly exceeds its borders - players should plant it along a long section of unobstructed track for best results. The capacity, too, remains identical to that of the original station.

“As more modding options might become available, these shortcomings might be amended,” said the modder. “I'm also still working on tools to improve how we edit the lots, decals and other elements.”

oppie85’s station is an impressive work as it stands, however - a grand-yet-functional affair in the mode of Manchester Piccadilly, St Pancras, or whichever big European station you happen to be familiar with:

Which SimCity standards would you like to see tackled by modders?

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