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Do you ever wish your SimCity roads had a bit more variety? A bit of lift here, a bit of depth there? Well you’ll be getting all that and more with Update 7, which will offer a tool that creates bridges, overpasses, and tunnels as you draw out your roads.

Explained on the SimCity forum, the new tool will work whilst laying road sections, with the , and . keys lowering and raising the road surface. Go higher to create bridges over other constructions, or lower to tunnel under them. Unfortunately the tool can’t be used retrospectively on roads you’ve already placed.

In other Update 7 news, traffic is getting an IQ boost. Traffic jams will be reduced as the new, smarter AI prevents all drivers converging on a single spot. Cars themselves now accelerate and brake faster, allowing them to manoeuvre more effectively. Freight trucks will no longer travel unless they have a valid delivery destination, which should go a long way to preventing a massive pollution problem. 

A new tree tool will allow you to place individual trees around your city, allowing you to add a bit of relaxing greenery to your otherwise smoggy industrial metropolis. Terrain has also been fixed to prevent the landscape covering road sections when the camera is zoomed out. 

Fire animations will now disappear when extinguished, rather than carry on as it has been doing in some people's games. Sport parks will be open 24hrs a day (has Sim fitness become an issue lately?) and Airship passenger trips will be correctly calculated over multiple days. 

Finally, gifting money should be more reliable, which is a relief, since ‘money’ and ‘unreliable’ don’t make a great combination. 

Update 7 is currently in testing, and should be released into your cities sometime soon. 

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