James Binns, Manager Director

James edited a computer magazine in the 1990s called PC Format. When magazines were big. It was about PC games and PC gear. Over the last decade he was a publisher at Future, where he ran the games business. In the last few years he launched and and actively published sites like CVG and GamesRadar. He mainly likes zombie movies, plays too much Left4Dead (it's an obsession), talks too much about Bill Hicks, and has a claim to fame - that he went on the BBC show Newsnight and went head to head Jeremy Paxman on the launch of GTA. 

Dan "Grill" Griliopoulos, Launch Editor

Dan started his career working for an MP, but found himself caring more about tech than politics. He moved to Future, where he climbed the ranks through PC Plus and PC Format before helping to launch The Official Xbox 360 Magazine, still the UK's biggest games magazine. He's written for every major games magazine and website, from IGN and Rockpapershotgun to Edge and the Mail on Sunday. His favoured games are overly complex and immersive - Xcom, Total War, Planescape: Torment and Skyrim - and overly wordy. His claims to fame are that his babysitter was Mick Hucknall and that his grandad invented the anorak.

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Steve Hogarty

Steve has been writing about videogames since 1922. He was quietly thrilled when, in the early 1970s, the first videogame was invented. A short while after that he was hired by PC Zone magazine as a staff writer and, following a series of staff resignations, was eventually promoted to the role of Editor. Shortly after that, and definitely unrelated to that, PC Zone was closed forever. Since then Steve’s been writing for the likes of PC Gamer, Edge and CVG, and is currently trying to readjust his colour-spoiled retinas to the muddy brown-grey palette of “real games” following a year long stint as the Official Nintendo Magazine’s deputy editor.

Phill Cameron, Channel Editor

Phill Cameron has been operating as a freelance games journalist for four years now, and he's somehow managed to make his way into some of the UK's biggest publications in the process. He's written for Rock Paper Shotgun, PC Gamer, Eurogamer, IGN, Edge & Gamasutra, and he's even written for some of them more than once. In all that time he's managed to write almost exclusively about the PC, while also becoming pretty much the only journalist to put enough free time into League of Legends and DOTA to not run away like a little girl from the sight of three lanes and an ability bar. He was once on Blue Peter, plays far too many board games, and once filled out a dating profile that looked a lot like this.

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Julian Benson, Captain of Evening Editorial

One of the few remaining journalists written in assembly code, Julian’s growing obsolescence has been ignored due to the difficulty of patching a fault in 40,000 lines of Hex. Thus much of its grammar and vocabulary may seem quaint, its allusions and similes outdated, and its use of the comma aggressively Oxonian. Although primarily a newsbot for BeefJack before being loaded into the PCGamesN editorial server, it was occasionally used to review games for PC Gamer and construct features for Rock Paper Shotgun, Eurogamer, and Wired.


Kate Doyle, Community Manager

Kate is the youngest member of the team and by far the prettiest, which is not exactly difficult. She is an English and Drama graduate from the University of Sussex, which is where she developed her love of all things gaming. It was there she met her harem of community editors, whose invaluable input to the website she facilitates and coordinates. She politely asks not to be judged on her Steam account as she realises it requires work.