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At last, a chance to bring some of the levity of the Eastern Front to the grim, perpetual war betwixt Red and Blue. The trickle of Company of Heroes 2 pre-purchases on Steam has finally tipped over the bucket marked ‘REWARD 1’ and unlocked two sets of TF2 cosmetic items. For pre-purchasers, of course.

The two items are as follows, and will be unlocked for pre-purchasers past, present and future.

  • German Cap and Badge - This German Officer’s Cap and Badge tells the world you’re the ruthless commander of a juggernaut army and not to be trifled with!


  • Soviet Cap and Badge - This Soviet Commander’s Cap and Badge lets everyone know you’ve led thousands of troops through some of the bloodiest battles on the Eastern Front of WW2, in style!

The next reward level promises a copy of the excellent Dawn of War 2: Retribution in with the bargain. Beyond that there’s a ‘Commissar Chest’, featuring a Commander Archetype, XP and unit boosts, and in-game currency for the buying of future DLC.

There are no numbers on Relic’s pre-purchase bar, however, so no telling how many jolly new Soviet’s will have to lay down their cash for the next rewards to be unlocked before the game’s 2013 release date.

So, that green bar. From the developers perspective it offers a sense of building momentum; a game we might want to be in on. But do those reward tiers influence your buying decisions at all?

Get smoke in your eyes with our Company of Heroes hands on.

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