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You might have watched a grey, mercurial bar trickle along the bottom of your Steam client early this week, and not for the first time wondered what it was playing at. Well, that will have been TF2 patching in the latest promo items, a couple of new crafting recipes and a notable fix or two - especially notable for those who identify as penguin.

In a shocking turn of events, Valve show every sign of supporting the Linux releases of their games in much the same fashion every previous PC port to that platform hasn’t. The new update sees performance and stability improved somewhat, which is lovely.

Elsewhere, the patch has introduced crafting blueprints for Demoman secondary weapon the Sticky Jumper, for which you’ll need to have some reclaimed metal and three ullapool cabers handy, and for Soldier rocket jump practice weapon the Rocket Jumper, which will require three mantreads and even mo’ metal.

Promotional items designed to accompany the release of the new Tomb Raider include the Scout’s aesthetically dubious Tomb Wrapper, as well as a fetchingly blood-stained pick axe and a shiny badge for the sartorial use of all classes.

A short while ago, our Steve installed Linux to bag a TF2 Tux penguin. It didn’t go so well. Have you fared better?

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For all of you looking to try out Linux, *please* heed the following advice:


- Don't use Ubuntu.  Use Linux Mint instead.  Faster, more familiar to Windows users, and completely compatible with Ubuntu.

- Don't use a Windows installer like Wubi.  It introduces more problems for gamers than its worth (since everything is being loaded from a gigantic file on your hard drive).  Just do a native install.  It's not that hard.

- Be willing to learn new things.  This ain't Windows.  Things will be different.  Be ready to adapt to them.


My observation is not that Linux requires technical expertise, but rather that Linux *creates* technical expertise.  Embrace that philosophy, and Linux will be the best operating system you've ever used.

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Only tried to install Steam once, on an almost completely fresh install of Ubuntu.


Didn't work. Going to give Mint a try, and maybe spend some time reading up on how to resolve these problems. I feel like it's a serious hit to my geek cred that I don't "do" Linux as of yet.


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